Collecting Perfume Bottles

One day at Main House Antiques where we have a booth, the cashier was pointing out these beautiful vintage perfume bottles to another customer. With all the times I’ve been in the store, I had never really noticed them. But when she said they were only $1.00 each, I perked up.

This one actually has eight sides. I love it’s vintage look too.

I had never considered decorating with vintage perfume bottles before. They were half-filled at best. Some were empty. The perfume inside was not fit for use. But suddenly it struck me, they would make a perfect vignette for my bedroom.

What makes these bottles unique are the shapes. I did a little research to see if I could identify specific names for the shapes but I came up empty handed. But what intrigued me in that search was how many more shapes there are out there.

When the blinds are open, the bottles really sparkle.

Although I feel with five bottles my collection is sufficient, I’m still keeping my eyes open especially when I’m at yard sales. I’m pretty sure that there’s another bottle or two out there that will make my collection glitter even more.

When she knew I was collecting perfume bottles, my mom (she’s pictured above in the gold frame) gave me this. It’s a favorite of hers called L’air du Temps. It’s nice to complete the collection with a family piece.

Collecting and displaying these perfume bottles challenges me to also consider what other things I’m overlooking at yard sales and thrift stores. And now my eyes are even more wide open.

If you collect or display something special I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment (and link if you have one) below!

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