A Day In Fanning Springs, Florida

Here I am at Point Of View Antiques, finally! (It’s kind of cold in north Florida! I should have worn pants!)

If you’re visiting Florida and are looking for a quaint afternoon, be sure to check out Point of View Antiques in Fanning Springs. It’s 2 1/2 hours northwest of Disney, but worlds apart.

Normally this place would have escaped my radar. It’s nowhere near any main roads. But back when I worked full time at my family’s gourmet food business, Point Of View Antiques was a customer of ours. They regularly bought our products and sampled them often. I always wanted to visit, and we finally got there!

In addition to amazing gifts and collectables, they have gourmet foods to choose from-and maybe even sample! (The packages on the table are from our factory!)
The owner’s dog kept my son occupied while we shopped!
Here’s my daughter in one of the booths. There’s such a nice mix of antiques, vintage items and new country decor.

Afterwards, there are plenty of great barbeque restaurants scattered along US 19. We grabbed some slow-smoked brisket, then went over to Fanning Springs State Park along the Suwannee River. It was a misty-rainy day, but the food was great and so was the state park.

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