Memphis Cotton Exchange

My mom and I wanted a short girls trip, but more than an overnight. Neither of us had been to Graceland, so one week we flew to Memphis. The flight was ridiculously early, and we arrived in The Home Of Blues in time for lunch.

With time the whole day to kill, we decided on a whim to visit the Memphis Cotton Exchange on Union Avenue. I really knew very little about cotton in this country, but this trip really opened my eyes.

The baskets of cotton were beautiful, but also a sad reminder of the cost of human sacrifice. Not only were the African American people terribly mistreated as slaves, but they weren’t even allowed in this place when it was in operation in the late 1800’s.

Many displays of cotton in its various forms were on display too.
Some vintage cotton materials.
The booths where the orders and sales for cotton were taken.

I’m glad this place still stands, and that they do a good job explaining the injustices and sacrifices that made this all possible. I think that viewing this museum the right way, it’s an excellent peek onto our past.

The men on ladders and platforms kept track of the buying and selling of cotton during the day. it was like it’s very own little wall street.

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