Black Snowflake Pyrex Dish

I love deals like this! I was shopping at the St. Pete Garden Club’s semi-annual rummage sale on a Thursday evening. That’s ”Preview Night” where you have to pay $5.00 extra just to get in. They make it up to you with free wine, cheese and crackers, but the real deal is finding treasures like this before anyone else.

There’s a ton of stuff there, so I was careful to look slowly and I’m so glad I did. Up on a ledge, tucked way in the back was this piece. At first I didn’t recognize it’s value, because truthfully I’d never seen a piece from this collection, ever. We’ve been dealing in vintage/antique items for almost 5 years, and Pyrex is a hot seller for us, so it’s always on our radar.

I grabbed the piece with great curiosity, and was shocked when I saw it. There on masking tape was written $2.00. It was worth the whole $5.00 admission fee just to find this piece.

It wasn’t in perfect shape. You can see some staining here on it’s side. I washed it the best I could, but for fear of damaging the black finish, I couldn’t get this out.

As so many antique dealers do, even though I loved it I out it in our booth marked 35.00. They were going for $60.00 on eBay, but with our limited audience, making a $33.00 profit that quickly was great. And to my remorse, it sold that very week.

So in your thrifting/yard sale-ing travels, keep an eye out for this pattern of Pyrex. Unless it’s in really poor condition or really expensive, pick it up if you see it. It’s super-rare; and I think it’s a really fun pattern. Imagine a Halloween party with this filled with some dip or even wrapped candies.

This is one piece I wish I hadn’t sold, but it gives me joy too knowing that it’s making someone else happy now too!

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