Vintage Ironing Board Trash Rescue

Driving down my mom’s street I saw this pike of junk waiting for the garbage truck. I passed it once, but the second time something amazing caught my eye. The photo below shows the actual junk pile. Leaning up against the post, there’s an ironing board.

Now I’ve been wanting a vintage wooden ironing board for some time. They run about $100.00 in antique shops-too pricy for my thrifty soul. So the first thing that stuck out to me about this were the wooden legs that you can barely see. To everyone else it probably looked like junk, but I sensed a treasure.

I knew I was on to something good when I saw this label. I Googled the company and found out that this piece was most likely made in the 1940’s.

Taking off the ancient cover was such a mess! At one point during the process I thought it may not be worth it. You can see it all in the video here:

The finished project did disappoint! This is exactly what I was hoping for as an addition to my craft room! And I especially love it because I rescued it from the trash. I could have paid the $100.00, but this is so much nicer. We have a story together!

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