Enjoying A Magnolia Bloom

Life is so busy. With two kids, a husband, a dog, a home and a mom whom I look after, life is so busy. I race in and out of my car, jockeying for groceries, new clothes, doctor appointments, yard sales, the list goes on. I seldom notice the beauty watching my frenzied schedule as a I race by. But not today.

Now of course I know I have a magnolia tree in the front yard. (It’s actually more like a magnolia bush, but that’s another post.) Still, the small tree yields beautiful flowers on a fairly regular basis. But do I pay it any attention? Not usually. But today I did.

The beauty of this single flower struck me as I raced by with the dog on the way to the park. Once home, I got my scissors, clipped it and gave it a rightful place in a vintage vase. I enjoyed it so much for the two days it was with us. The blooms are spectacular, but don’t last long. Two days is all I had with this one.

But I’m so grateful that I was able to slow down long enough to appreciate its beauty. And now I’m trying to do that more. Lately the grasshoppers, or lubbers as my daughter calls them, have fascinated me. They’re so large, yet move so slowly, creeping their way to hang with the others of their kind for comfort.

Eight lubbers on the screen. Creepy, even for Florida, but beautiful and worth noticing in their own way.
Even this gorgeous palm just outside my doctor’s office went unappreciated for years.

Even here in my small house, beauty awaits all around, and I’m just now learning to appreciate it more.

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