My House Main Color Scheme

A corner of my living room.

So I really do live in a small house. It’s just over 1300 square feet. That’s not too small, but currently there are four of us living here, including our two young adult children and my husband, who works from home, and our fuzzy family member Belle. We don’t have room to spare, but I try to keep it as cozy and organized as possible.

The above picture is a good representation of my color scheme. And it’s similar to that of my blog. Weird as this may sound, dark brown is my favorite color, followed by green. I think it’s because they’re the color of trees, wood and nature. I love nature, although I’m more of a homebody, so I subconsciously incorporate both of those things together.

I also love historic, vintage and and antique things. Decorating is more about collecting items of meaning than just going up to home goods and picking something up, although I do that too.

The clock you see in the photo above belonged to my great-grandmother, Barbara Eslinger, whom I am named after. The heart shaped wall art was a gift from my husband shortly after we were married.

A photo of Barbara Eslinger that I found on

My mom always teases me for having so many clocks, but this next one is so special. It’s pictured below and was given to me by my husband Clark. It’s inscribed “The Best Wife In The World Award.” I love it so much. The jar of buttons next to it was a gift that I bought my mom when I was too young to drive. My dad took me to an antique shop and that’s what I picked out for her. And the duck to the right was a gift from my son. He bought it at the “Little Shopper’s Shop” at his elementary school so he could surprise me with it on Christmas day.

Treasured memories.
A close-up of the hand-cut and painted Scherenschnitte.

The cross stitch pieces on the brick wall are both pieces that I picked up at the thrift store, but I love them as much as if I had stitched them myself. The one under the clock, which also came from the Salvation Army, was stitched in Vermont and given as a gift to someone in 1991.

The second piece that just simply says Welcome was a find at the antique store where we sell. The second I laid eyes on it I knew it was a perfect addition to my room. And the best part was the asking price-$9.00!

I do hope every guest feels welcome in my home!

Two other things I dearly love are plants and baskets. I collect the willow variety of baskets that are hard woven and sturdy; perfect for magazines, crochet projects or and abundance of fruits in the kitchen. I also like hardwood baskets, similar to Longaberger, but I have some similar made in Vermont, Florida and New Hampshire. I try to steer clear of the “made in China” baskets that are kind of flimsy and the more exotic baskets that look inexpensive. But decorating is such a personal matter, and I know my mom really likes the more exotic looking baskets.

And as I mentioned, plants rank high in my house too. Some of my favorites are pathos and ivy. Both do well in low-light rooms and are so forgiving when I forget to water them!

Both Ivy and Pathos are such good house plants.

After years of having walls that were painted colors, I now love how the off white and putty color walls show off some of the antiques I have. I find I get less tired of the color scheme too if I keep it neutral.

Like I mentioned, I do enjoy shopping at places like Home Goods and such. I got the wooden “welcome” sign at Old Time Pottery and attached it to the top of the shelf with screws and “L” brackets. I hope it too makes those who visit feel welcome!

Also in this picture are the years of scrapbooks that line the shelves. My kids, now 23 and 25, have long since lost interest in their little selves from years ago. Every once in a while on their birthday’s I pull out a book and we reflect. But just knowing that they’re there fills the room with a bit of soul that I dearly love. (More on scrapbooking later!)

I know that gray is the in color now, and I have done the master bedroom in that and black. But for the living room, there’s no way I can ever part with any of these treasures. That, coupled with the fact that I still love to pick up antiques, I’m sticking with my brown and putty color scheme.

Well that’s it for the little corner of the living room! Thanks for stopping by this page and I look forward to sharing more details of my small house with you in the future!

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