Best Ever Watermelon Cutting Board

Watermelon is one of the best things about summer. It’s second only to, when my kids were in school, not having to worry about lunches, homework and clean uniforms.

We typically go through 2-3 watermelons per week. It gets so bad sometimes that I have to worry about the trash being so heavy because of the amount of rinds in there! But it doesn’t bother me enough to stop eating it.

For years I cut it on a thin, plastic cutting board from Walmart and it worked fine. But when you don’t know any better… you don’t know any better!

Last year on Mother’s Day my daughter ran to Publix (our local grocery store) to get me some flowers and a couple of last minute gifts. Little did she know that I had eyed this exact watermelon cutting board in the product section, but the price kept me from buying it.

I was so surprised when I opened this gift and saw the exact cutting board I was admiring earlier that month! It was so pretty, but I never went any further with it. I stuck it in the closet and kind of forgot about it.

Until today.

Today’s the day I realized just how amazing this tool is! First of all, it’s large enough for a large, seedless watermelon to be sliced on it. Second, it has a rim around it that prevents the juice from running all over the counter. And best of all, the rim, which is on both sides, is made of rubber and it prevents the board from moving, even on wet countertops.

Just in case the link doesn’t work sometime in the future or you want to Google it, here’s a screenshot with more info. Check out the ratings on this one too!

As of this writing, I don’t get any kickback or compensation from Amazon or the maker of this board. I just really, really like it! So if you’re looking for a new cutting board, or need a great gift for that watermelon lover who has everything else, this may be just the thing!

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