First Time Watercoloring

I like crafts that don’t take a lot of natural talent. Sewing, my first craft back in high school, was easy. You just pick a pattern and some fabric and you had an article of clothing. They even told you what type of fabric to buy and how much.

Then I took up cross stitch. Again, just follow the pattern with the appropriate colors of floss and you’re good to go. Scrapbooking and rubber stamping take a little more effort, but it’s hard to mess those up.

But watercoloring? Never. Not me.

But my daughter doesn’t share my fear of hand-crafted work. She’s bold and brave and this past week, decided that she would try her hand at watercoloring. She asked for, and I bought her, a simple palette of watercolor paints from Michaels for about $10.00 and a sketchpad for the same price.

Now there are a lot of good tutorials on YouTube, be she didn’t go that route. She found a watercolor painting of a bunny online, and copied it all on her own.

Her first attempt at watercoloring the bunny!

Part of the reason for her success is that she told herself that it might not turn out well. She said to her friend, “it will either look great or I’ll have a good laugh.” Obviously, it was the former!

She went on to watercolor a few more things shown below.

Again, she copied this from a picture online!

When we take up a new craft, perhaps we have the tendency to take it a little too seriously. We don’t try because we think we can’t. But by taking Charlotte’s attitude, maybe there are some things that I should try. Perhaps we have talents for a hobby that we don’t even know about yet!

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