Tool Box Cleanout Challenge

One thing about living in a small house is that it’s important for everything to be as organized as possible. Having piles of stuff lying around is a luxury afforded to those with palatial places. Not me! If I’m not organized, I can’t finds stuff. And if I can’t find something, I may as well not even have it.

The pile of stuff on the right was the stuff to keep. After all the tools were out, I wiped down the box with baby wipes. It took a lot of them!

So today, unbeknownst to me, I ended up cleaning out my tool box. I hadn’t planned on doing it, and I didn’t even think it really needed to be done until I was confronted with the fact that it wouldn’t even close. It was such a mess.

I was surprised at how much room I had.

The tool box finally closes! For small things like nails and screws, i bought this box at the hardware store and labeled it myself. Organizing that took a few hours but it’s so easy to find just what I’m looking for.

So for everyone, regardless of what size house you live it, perhaps it’s time to clean out one of those junky areas that we tend to forget about for years. Maybe it’s a tool box like me, or a junk drawer or an old box of stuff in the back of a closet.

It may seem like a undesirable chore, but in the long run it could really pay off. We can find things we didn’t know we had and save money in the future. Or it can just make it a little easier to find the things that we know are there somewhere.

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