Appreciating Without Owning

Years ago when we attended a small Nazarene Church in Easton, PA, our pastor told us that you don’t have to possess something to enjoy it. Those words have stuck with me for years, and I’ve used that advice in so many situations.

For example, when we lived up in Pennsylvania, I absolutely loved the maple trees that turned orange in the fall. My first thought was, I must buy one of those trees for my yard. Pastor Reitano’s words struck down that thought, reminding me that I could just as easily enjoy them when I drive around town as I can if I had one in my yard. It would have been nice to see a beautiful fall maple each autumn when I’m doing the dishes, but it’s not essential.

Since then, I’ve tried to apply that to many things in my life. And this week at the thrift store was one of those opportunities.

As I scoured the store looking for good to keep or resell at our antique booth, I came across the painting above. For some reason I fell in love with it. I think it is of my high school, St. Petersburg High.

St. Pete High, Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Now that I look at the picture and the painting side by side, I realize that’s exactly what it is! I spent four years roaming those halls and have fond memories of that time in my life. And I didn’t buy it! But that was for a good reason.

I really don’t have room for it in my small house. And that’s okay. It is enough to have seen it and cherished it. I snapped a picture of it and even captured what it said on the back. I’m posting it here so I can look back and appreciate the beauty and joy of it any time I want. But I don’t need to possess it to enjoy it. And what’s really cool is that someone else is getting to enjoy it too!

Thanks so much, Pastor Reitano, for teaching me a lesson that I’m still applying to this day.

I don’t know why there’s no reference to the school, or who the artist is or where the Bamboozle Cafe is, but it’s nice to have the information just in case.

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