Handmade Pastor Appreciation Cards

Well Pastor Appreciation Day was back on October 9th, but our church is a little slow this year.

We attend Clearview United Methodist Church. We’re a really small (but mighty, as our neighbors say) congregation in St. Petersburg, Florida. We run a little less than 50 most Sundays, but we are growing, and we’re really excited about that!

Anyway, because I have a small rack set up in the church and I offer my cards for free, people know me as the card maker. So I was asked to make cards for Pastor Appreciation Day this year. The official Pastor Appreciation Day was October 9th of 2022, but I was told that it was technically it was during the entire month in October. But I think we had some people traveling and such, so we’re just getting around to giving our pastors and staff their cards.

The card on the left was made using Stampin’ Up!’s Best Birds stamp set because our senior pastor loves birds. I was grateful for that because guy cards can be hard to make.

I stamped the birds with brown ink, colored them with Copic Markers and then glued them on the branches, which were stamped directly on the card front. (When I colored the branches, the Copic Markers bled through, so I had to use a sheet of patterned paper to hide that!)

One stamp set that I picked up a couple of years ago was called Pastor Appreciation from a company called Stamp Simply. It’s available on their website. They also have a bundle that you can buy, which includes two sets. I also checked on Amazon and they have, in addition to these sets, other great Christian inspirational sets there.

The longer sentiment was perfect for the inside of the cards as well. Those are often hard to find, especially for those in ministry. I also love the fact that there’s a sentiment that says “For Our Pastor’s Wife.” (For the record, I didn’t make her a card because she pastors a church in another town and I’m sure they’ve got her covered!)

I’ve included a screen shot of the stamp set to the right because mine is well-loved and didn’t photograph as well.

The set is really nice because it has sayings like “in appreciation of your ministry,” which could be for anyone, not just pastors. I used this one on the card for our church secretary. If you’re looking for a set like this, I highly recommend it. I also really like the sayings “You are truly a blessing” and “Thanking God for you.” There are so many people who could qualify for a card like that!

It was fun making these cards for our Pastors, and it’s okay that they’ll be getting them closer to Thanksgiving. I know that our pastors and staff will appreciate their cards and gifts-even if they are a little late!

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