Richloam General Store-Circa 1922

Richloam General Store is a must see if you love history and are in the Central Florida Area. Located just over an hour west of Walt Disney World, it’s just outside the small town of Webster, about 10 minutes off of I-75.

When I went there in late 2022, the surrounding area didn’t look much different than it would have back in it’s early days. As we drove down the road that my GPS was telling me to take, I got that “am I really going the right way?” feeling. But just around a bend in the road, you realized you’ve found it.

The front porch, pictured above, it the first thing you see, and you know you’ve stepped back in time. What’s most beautiful about this place is the balance of how clean and perfectly preserved it is. The front porch alone would make anyone want to stop.

Once inside, there’s a delightful array of sundries lining the original shelves and walls of the building. And there’s something for everyone. Parents will love the vintage versions of toys they or their parents would have played with. Then there’s the penny candy, canned preserves and salad dressings, historical books and of course ice cream!

One of my favorite things is the old-fashioned bottled soda machine out front. I think that’s because I remember those when they were actually a thing when I was young! Drinking from a glass container seems so much more refreshing!

Here’s a little bit more history about Richloam General Store:

Florida is growing rapidly, and it seems like the area around Richloam General Store isn’t impervious to the development that seems destined to overtake it. The roads leading to this peaceful place are being widened, and with its proximity to a major interstate, and with real estate prices soaring beyond what’s viable, development seems inevitable. Yet still… this place will never lose it’s old world charm.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a good place to eat around here, be sure to check out the Southern Harmony Cafe between there and I-75. Below is a picture of my mom on their front porch. We had delicious Louisiana style fare in a quaint and cozy building. It’s the perfect pairing for a really fun day!

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