3 Ways To Journal The New Year

I love preserving memories. For years I’ve scrapbooked, both with paper and digitally. But as my kids got older, I’ve gotten away from it more. Yet I still like to keep records of things in my life.

Facebook and Instagram are both great for storing memories. And even Google Photos makes great albums from time to time. I loved seeing my memories on these platforms, however I had a really bad experience when my Facebook account was hacked beyond recovery. Overnight, 10 years of memories were erased by a hacker in London. My very first Facebook photo was of my son and me during a day in homeschool. That picture is gone forever because I thought that online platforms were a good way to keep track of memories. I still use these social media outlets, but I now tread lightly and rely on paper too.

#1 One Line A Day Journals

One really cool book I got today is one that my daughter shared with me. It’s called “One Line A Day.” The idea is that you write down one thing that happened to you each day. It can be factual, like “We bought a new car today,” or feeling-based, such as “I think I’m getting tired of my job and wonder if I should be looking for a new one.”

Here’s my new journal. I love how easy it is to write just a little something each day. You don’t have to start on the first of the year either. Even if you start in the middle you’ll get a look at 4.5 year of your life!

I actually had one of these a few years ago and was discouraged because it seemed like I did the same thing every day: go to work, come home, make dinner. Little did I know that during that time I’d go through one of the biggest pandemics in the history of the world! Day by day life can seem boring, but when you look at it over the course of 5 years, it’s amazing how much things change. This time I’m sticking with it!

#2 Paper Calendars

I rarely use paper calendars anymore, but they can help us preserve memories. If you don’t want to buy a One Line A Day book, you can do the same thing using a paper calendar. Hang it in a prominent place in your home and jot things down. You can do this in advance, or if you have on old calendar that you’ve relied on for the past year, keep it! They can be like little diaries that keep us reminded of special days of our lives.

On the left is a paper calendar from 10 years ago that I’ve held onto all these years. I still lived in Pennsylvania and on this particular week I went to a Stampin’ Up! class, had lunch with a friend, took my daughter to Drama Class and my son to youth group. And I couldn’t forget about spending my Kohl’s Cash!

My kids are grown and mostly gone now, so these memories are so precious!

#3 Prayer Journals

Prayer journals are another way that’s great to preserve memories. I’ve had many over the years, and looking back is amazing.

The journal on the right is one that I had before my daughter was even born. I was praying that week about whether or not we should have baby #2. She’s now 23! Of course I couldn’t imagine life without her, but it’s so cool to think that years ago she was just a prayer on a sheet of paper!

Whatever way you decide to keep memories, keep in mind these ideas. You don’t need to start at the first of the year, although that’s a fun time to do so. But please keep in mind that things online are subject to being deleted. And paper memories can be so much fun!

Lastly, I must say that one place that has been wonderful for keeping my memories is Shutterfly. I started digital scrapbooking about 15 years ago and my daughter still goes into my account there to snag pictures when she needs them. (And just a note: Shutterfly didn’t pay me at all to say this!)

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful 2023 and may you make many happy memories!

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