Notforgotton Farm Christmas Freebie

I just finished stitching and framing this guy and I totally LOVE him! He’s been on my Pinterest Board for way too many years, and now that I’m stitching quite a bit more, I decided to make him one of my winter projects.

As I mention in the video, he’s perfect if you’re looking for a project to stitch while you talk to people, watch TV or listen to other stitchers on YouTube! Once you get most of the basic outlines in place, there’s so much filling to stitch that it makes it easy if you are looking for a project that you don’t want to count a lot.

The free pattern from Notforgotten Farms didn’t come with color suggestions, but here are the DMC colors that I used:

Shirt: 3857

Head: Ecru

Coal Smile, Eye Pupils & Hat: 310

Eyes: 927 (*see note about eyes below)

Carrot Nose: 3776

Hat Band & Crosses Up Top: 920

Vines From Hat: 610

Yellowish Leaves: 3829

Greenish Leaves: 3052

*The sample looks like it was designed on a lighter background using a darker floss for his head. I used 14 count aida in Toast from Hobby Lobby. Since my fabric was a bit darker, I used a lighter (Ecru) floss for his head. Since white wouldn’t show up well around his eyes, I changed them to light bluish-gray.

Even though he’s an autumn/winter guy, I love him too much to put him anywhere but on a wall year round. I also think he’ll blend in really well with samplers. Having a “picture” kind of breaks up the monotony of a lot of lettered pieces.

If you like him, be sure to check out the link above to Notforgotten Farm. They have so many wonderful pieces to stitch both for free and for sale. A very special thank you to them for providing such an adorable freebie!

And thanks so much for stopping by today!

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