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Free Autumn Cross Stitch Pattern

This cross stitch pattern is a freebie from Lizzie Kate. I embellished the edges with a home designed edge so that it would fit the wooden plaque that I bought from Joann’s and stained. It was a really quick and fun pattern and it can be found here. I’m so thankful to Lizzie Kate for…

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First Time Watercoloring

I like crafts that don’t take a lot of natural talent. Sewing, my first craft back in high school, was easy. You just pick a pattern and some fabric and you had an article of clothing. They even told you what type of fabric to buy and how much. Then I took up cross stitch.…

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Freebie Autumn Cross Stitch

With everything being so expensive these days, I’m always on the lookout for cute things to make that don’t cost a lot of money. I found this freebie on Pinterest and after looking at it for way too many years, finally decided to stitch it. It’s from a website called Gazette 94 and dates back…

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