Healthy Living

Welcome to my Healthy Living page! While most of my thoughts tend towards crafting and decorating, as I get older I’m realizing that healthy living is a vital part of any viable existence.

I am finding that, for me, being 75 pounds overweight is not good for me physically. Yeah, that’s really a lot of weight and it’s embarrassing to admit. But that’s where I am. Specifically, my feet are starting to hurt and my blood pressure is a little on the high side. So that’s what I’m working on.

Healthy Living isn’t about being skinny and looking good. I don’t think I look bad, but I’m starting to feel bad. My journey here is about surviving in my body and being able to live my best life for as long as I can.

Whatever you weigh or however you look is great as long as you feel good and are healthy. But if you’re like me and aren’t feeling that great, you’ll be able to resonate with my triumphs and challenges. I hope these reflections are an encouragement to you today!

Oh, and lastly, nothing that I say here should be followed without a doctor’s guidance or in any way be taken as medical advice. If t I’m not a doctor, just a girl trying to get a wee bit healthier.