Enjoying A Magnolia Bloom

Life is so busy. With two kids, a husband, a dog, a home and a mom whom I look after, life is so busy. I race in and out of my car, jockeying for groceries, new clothes, doctor appointments, yard sales, the list goes on. I seldom notice the beauty watching my frenzied schedule as…

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Taking a Pecan Tree Break

We had just finished a relaxing three-day stay in Northern Georgia (a close-to-holy pilgrimage for many Florida residents). We needed to make good time to complete the 600 mile journey that day. My daughter’s good at driving like that, but I like to stop at way to many places along the way. I had just…

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Appreciating Without Owning

Years ago when we attended a small Nazarene Church in Easton, PA, our pastor told us that you don’t have to possess something to enjoy it. Those words have stuck with me for years, and I’ve used that advice in so many situations. For example, when we lived up in Pennsylvania, I absolutely loved the…

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